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Who We Are

Brandon Keys

Brandon Keys, Founder of InvokeFitness, is a personal trainer based in Seattle, WA. He is Certified by The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Online Trainer Academy. With over a hundred satisfied, ripped, and empowered clients, Brandon aims to bring his fitness philosophy, mentality, and knowledge to a broader audience using online personal training methods. His fitness plans incorporate dynamic movement, stretching, recovery, nutrition, and fun variations on traditional weightlifting. He is driven by his desire to provide his clients with the skills and knowledge they need to take hold of their health and live their best life.


Keys to success


Perfect your nutrition through the use of my personalized dietician made meal plans that align with your body type, goals, and dietary requirements. Let me help by taking the guesswork out of how many calories to consume, macronutrient ratios, and what and when to eat. With the variety of nutrient-dense and delicious recipes you'll gain access to, you'll never get bored or be at a loss for ideas. 


What I offer


I offer both in-person training sessions in the Seattle area and online training worldwide via my fitness concierge service. Utilizing my fully customized app, I will send you personalized workouts straight to your mobile device, be able track your progress with the ability to answer any questions directly, and help keep you motivated when you need that extra push. This takes the guesswork out of programming and establishes the accountability you need to succeed. 


Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete looking to break through your next plateau or maybe somewhere in between looking to mix things up, I have a training program designed to fit your needs and lifestyle. All programs are expert-designed, personally prepared for you based on your body type, goals, and the amount of free time you can invest. These challenging but fun workouts can either be done from a gym or the comfort of your own home.


Here for you


Being a part of InvokeFitness means that you are not in this alone. You can rely on support every step of the way throughout your health and fitness journey with me right by your side. Between weekly accountability check-ins ranging from email, phone, and skype conversations, I've got you covered. 

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